Frequently asked questions about Workery+

What exactly is Workery+ and how will it benefit businesses? We gathered together frequently asked questions.

What does Workery+ offer companies in need of business premises?

Workery+ combines traditional business premises and co-working by offering private office space and shared spaces. Flexible contracts allow combining a membership with own private spaces or just having them separate. Workery+ members have the option to use one primary location or use them all to make working as smooth as possible. When work is on the run, you can be too.

  • Workery+ is a network of modern and functional workspaces that consists of four locations around the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. 
  • The workspaces support different ways of working, inspire and include a variety of services that let's you focus on working.
  • In addition to private offices Workery+ offers meeting rooms, work stations for working solo or in teams, phone booths, space for quiet time and taking breaks. Not to mention the high-quality coffee and tea that is served daily.
  • Shared spaces support networking in addition to our weekly member breakfasts and monthly after works. These events are open for all members and included in the membership.
  • A range of additional services are available depending on your location. With us you can book for example a podcast-studio, rent a parking spot, order catering goods for meetings and events.

What kind of companies is Workery+ best suited for?

Workery+ works for companies both big and small. It works as a meeting spot, an extension to existing head quarters or as a satellite office. Despite the size of the company, Workery+ offers premises where services, flexibility and comfort support workplace well-being. 

Workery+ can also be utilized for a company's hybrid model of working. When more and more work is done remotely, it pushes the standards that the office needs to provide. With Workery+ you can avoid paying for empty squares. Our network of four locations in Helsinki and Espoo enable an ergonomic workstation for employees around the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

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What does a membership in Workery+ include?

  • Workery+ memberships always include:

    • Safe and reliable WiFi, printing, scanning, cleaning and safety services
    • A variety of spaces for different ways of working, -20% discount for all meeting room bookings, member events, and the daily support of the Workery+ Community management team in any office related questions
    • Memberships can be complemented with a variety of additional services such as Roaming, mailing address and mailbox or a dedicated workstation

    Access membership includes access to a workstation around the clock in their preferred location. By adding Roaming to the membership all locations will be available. Read more about Access membership.

    Team membership includes access for a team of any size. The size of team can be flexibly adjusted according to your company's needs. Read more about Team membership.

    Private Office membership includes a private, furnished, office in addition to all the above mentioned. Additionally it includes a mail box and mailing address for your company. Read more about Private Office membership.


Where are the Workery+ offices located?

The Workery+ network includes four offices around the capital region. You can find our exact location information here.

With the roaming right added to your membership, you can use all Workery+ locations without limit at any time of the day.


How do I know which Workery+ membership fits us the best?

You don't need to know which membership would be the most beneficial for your company. We are happy to help you find the best solution where your only pay for space and services you need. We know that workspace needs are ever-changing and predicting the future is impossible. That is why our flexible memberships adjust sccordingly. Contact us!

Are there any hidden costs in Workery+ membership?

No, there are not. We are transparent with our pricing, we don't hide any costs and you only pay for the space you use. We communicate our pricing openly. We even have specialty coffees included in the membership price. You can find out about our membership prices here or come and see our facilities for a day for free! You can also contact Workery+ sales if you have questions.

How does Workery in Tripla differ from Workery+?

Workery in Tripla is a complex of three office buildings in Pasila. Workery+ in turn is a workspace concept offering four locations and focusing on versatile services included in the memberships and facilities.

Do you have any questions? We are here for you. You can leave us your contact information and we will contact you soon, or you can directly book a remote meeting with us!

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