Why Workery+?

Workery+ is suitable for large and small companies!

Can you say with certainty how many employees will work at the office today, tomorrow, next winter, in 2025? How many of them would prefer to work remotely? At the workstation? At client's office? In a cafe? Somewhere else? Lots of questions, but now there is a good solution: Workery+​.

There are also many kinds of companies, big, small, growing or shrinking. In some offices, having your own workstation is a must, in other companies, most of the work is done at the customer's premises or elsewhere. Or the need is something in between. Workery+ offers an optimized office space package tailored for your company's needs.

Workery+ is an office solution offering premium level coworking services. Workery+ is suitable for both small and large companies. Our contracts are flexible and do not contain hidden costs. The Workery+ staff ensures that your working day runs smoothly and help is always close by.

Many good reasons to choose W+

Private and shared spaces under the same roof

Workery+ adapts to your and your employees’ changing needs, whether that’s the number of employees or work methods. Simply: we offer you stability and privacy at your own office and flexibility and communality through the shared-use premises. 


Workery+ offices are located along excellent connections

All four Workery+ offices are located along excellent transport connections, whether you use public transport or your own car.

In addition, Workery+ locations have super fast and secure wireless network connections, which are of course included in the membership price.

Our locations

All Workery+ memberships include ultra-fast & secure internet connection, unlimited Johan&Nyström premium coffee and tea, 24/7 access and use of common facilities. In addition to this, memberships include weekly breakfast and monthly afterwork events, as well as our staff always on site to help on weekdays!

No deposits are required for our private offices and the notice period is two months.

Private Office membership

In a co-working environment, you network with our other members

If your company is small and you are looking for support & growth opportunities from other companies, you should choose a multi-user environment. We organize member events that enable networking and collaboration opportunities under the same roof - convenient, isn't it!